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  • When you contact Hannah about an oboe, you will not only receive expert advice, you will make a new friend who will gently assist you through the process step by... read more

    Carol V. Avatar
    Carol V.

    Hannah was very helpful in helping me to select an oboe and making sure that any minor problems were fixed prior to the purchase so that the instrument was in... read more

    McKenna C. Avatar
    McKenna C.

    I can think of no better person to purchase an oboe from than Hannah. She not only seeks to find the perfect instruments for her clients, but she goes out... read more

    Ryan H. Avatar
    Ryan H.
  • Hannah was a tremendous help in selecting an oboe for our daughter. She is not only knowledgeable and very professional but the entire process from start to finish was very... read more

    Marlyse H. Avatar
    Marlyse H.

    Hannah provided a great selection and was very responsive to our questions. She definitely made our purchase easy and we are so happy with the instrument!

    Tammy D. Avatar
    Tammy D.

    Researching oboes began as a daunting task. So many options for oboes and vendors! My oboe instructor recommended Hannah and assured me that the Oboe Fairy could help... read more

    Donna P. Avatar
    Donna P.
  • Hannah also known as “The Oboe Fairy” was very prompt in her responses even after business hours. She helped us with choosing the right instrument at the right price... read more

    Leonid G. Avatar
    Leonid G.

    This was our first experience in purchasing an oboe. Hannah helped us understand the buying process and was there to answer our questions from start to finish. She had a... read more

    Shawn M. Avatar
    Shawn M.

    Hannah takes a personal interest in her customers, which is why they return and send their students. The instruments are completely serviced ahead of time, so there is no need... read more

    Peggy G. Avatar
    Peggy G.
  • Another pleasant transaction with Hannah! This is now the second oboe I've purchased from her and she will continue to be my #1 choice when looking for an instrument. I... read more

    Noah I. Avatar
    Noah I.

    Purchasing an oboe from Hannah’s Oboes was a wonderful experience. Her concern for the appropriate instrument and the performance level of the student were so obvious, that the cost... read more

    Mark G. Avatar
    Mark G.

    Hannah offered us several oboes to choose from in our price range and gave us guidance regarding each. She made herself available for a video call so we could... read more

    Renee W. Avatar
    Renee W.
  • Hannah was a pleasure to work with during two recent oboe purchases. She was so patient with me on the phone assessing which oboes would be the best fit... read more

    Amy R. Avatar
    Amy R.

    Hannah's service is amazing. None of the local music stores in our area could offer the same variety or quality of oboes that Hannah offers. None of them could offer... read more

    Kyle H. Avatar
    Kyle H.

    Hannah is wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. I instantly felt like she wanted me to have the best experience possible trialing new oboes. It was... read more

    Tate S. Avatar
    Tate S.
  • We were very pleased to purchase an oboe from Hannah, the oboe fairy. From the start, she showed a warmth, a breadth of knowledge and experience, and an understanding... read more

    Tobin S. Avatar
    Tobin S.

    Hannah is supremely professional and knowledgeable in her services and care for clients.

    Scott F. Avatar
    Scott F.

    Hannah is a treasure to the music world. She kindly helped me (a non-musician) select an intrument for a young family member and while doing so, introduced me to two... read more

    Kimberly M. Avatar
    Kimberly M.
  • Never guessed finding my perfect oboe could be so much fun! Unparalleled customer service. Hannah anticipated my every need and I got everything I needed and more!

    Ginny B. Avatar
    Ginny B.

    I would give Hannah’s oboes 100 ⭐️ ‘S if google would let me. Don’t let the online scare you! Her process is amazing and she’s there every step of the... read more

    natalie j. Avatar
    natalie j.

    Hannah has the best customer service! She was understanding and made sure that my daughter was completely happy with her choice of oboe. We highly recommend her!

    Kimberly P. Avatar
    Kimberly P.
  • I've had the pleasure of buying two instruments from Hannah's Oboes. In 2017, I purchased a Fox Tristan English horn, and in 2021 a Lorée bass oboe. Both are such... read more

    Aage N. Avatar
    Aage N.

    Hannah is amazing! Wow is she knowledgeable about all things oboe, and a joy to work with. I met her for the first time at IDRS Tampa, with my sweet... read more

    Bruce S. Avatar
    Bruce S.

    Hannah was a delight to work with in finding our daughter a new concert level oboe. Her customer service is outstanding, her knowledge is impeccable, and she is very... read more

    Tawnya R. Avatar
    Tawnya R.
  • Hannah was quick to respond, followed through on her commitments and went ABOVE AND BEYOND for me. She listened to my situation and goals then sent 4 oboes for... read more

    Brenda B. Avatar
    Brenda B.

    Great seller, absolute joy to work with. She shipped our hand picked assortment of instruments to our daughter's teacher before we tried and purchased the one that worked and sounded... read more

    P K. Avatar
    P K.

    Great service! Hannah made it easy for a first time oboe buyer to move away from renting into purchasing a quality instrument.

    Dan H. Avatar
    Dan H.
  • Hannah is a top-notch professional at what she does, knowledgeable about both the musical side and the business side of her service! She is open and honest about everything, extremely... read more

    Lisa K. Avatar
    Lisa K.

    I recently decided to purchase a new-to-me oboe after having left music as a career over 20 years ago. I needed a full education on the market of oboes... read more

    Denise W. Avatar
    Denise W.

    Hannah made the process of selling my english horn easy and pain free. I would highly recommend her services.

    Stephan H. Avatar
    Stephan H.
  • Hannah was very professional to work with! She is most knowledgeable of the oboe and it's nuances. She was expedient with delivery, and the shipping process was easy.... read more

    Sharon V. Avatar
    Sharon V.

    I'm a professional oboist, and Hannah made the buying experience easier with her expert opinion and guidance. The shipping was fast and easy, and the process also fast and easy.... read more

    Oboe A. Avatar
    Oboe A.

    I just purchased an English Horn from Hannah. The experience was just as wonderful as my Oboe purchase from her was in 2018. She is knowledgeable, patiently answers your questions... read more

    Andrew W. Avatar
    Andrew W.
  • Thanks hannah for help in finding the right oboe for my student. You always have the best option that fits the situation.I’ve purchased and sold several instruments with hannah and... read more

    Rick O. Avatar
    Rick O.

    Hannah was great to work with - great communication, professionalism, and flexibility - highly recommend! Thanks, Hannah!

    Mason T. Avatar
    Mason T.

    Hannah was a complete professional. She kept us up to date every step of the process. She helped us sell our son's oboe in a quick and painless way. I... read more

    Kimberly K. Avatar
    Kimberly K.
  • Selecting and purchasing an oboe from Hannah was a terrific experience. She sent a nice variety of oboes and showed great compassion, flexibility, and patience when unforeseen circumstances prevented... read more

    Jennifer M. Avatar
    Jennifer M.

    My son played Oboe in high school and through his private instructor, we got to know Hanna who helped us to buy the Howarth S50 oboe. My son stopped playing... read more

    David L. Avatar
    David L.

    Hannah came recommended by my son's oboe teacher. The purchasing experience is unique and wonderful. He got to try up to 4 oboes and pick the one that he likes... read more

    Elaine Z. Avatar
    Elaine Z.
  • Hannah came recommended by my son's oboe teacher. The purchasing experience is unique and wonderful. He got to try up to 4 oboes and pick the one that he likes... read more

    Elaine Z. Avatar
    Elaine Z.

    Living in rural Montana, my studio and I don't have many options when looking for instruments. I'm so grateful that I found Hannah's Oboes, otherwise I would never be able... read more

    Katelyn S. Avatar
    Katelyn S.

    I can not say enough good things about Ms Hannah, The Oboe Fairy! I made the mistake of trying to buy an oboe off eBay and received a cracked piece... read more

    Greg Avatar
  • Hannah was wonderful to work with. Very responsive and helpful. We recently upgraded our daughter's oboe (second one from Hannah), and she made great suggestions. Less than 48 hours after... read more

    Julie A. Avatar
    Julie A.

    Hannah is so nice and easy to work with. I couldn't believe how fast our oboe sold! Everything went so smoothly and quickly. I cannot recommend her... read more

    Lori D. Avatar
    Lori D.

    I recently made my first-ever instrument purchase (a Fox 500 English horn), and Hannah's Oboes was highly recommended by several professional double reed players. I can't say enough how great... read more

    Derek P. Avatar
    Derek P.
  • Getting an oboe from Hannah for my daughter was really an excellent decision. I was so impressed with Hannah's service, choice of instruments, and quick reaction times. We got the... read more

    Tereza H. Avatar
    Tereza H.

    What can I say? Hannah completely blew us away!I initially was looking for a used Fox for my H.S. student, but was prepared to buy new. I'd scoured... read more

    Mark B. Avatar
    Mark B.

    What can I say? Hannah completely blew us away!I initially was looking for a used Fox for my H.S. student, but was prepared to buy new. I'd scoured... read more

    Mark B. Avatar
    Mark B.
  • I had the most wonderful experience shopping for an oboe through Hannah. She made it simple, easy, and affordable. Her emails were always prompt and she is accommodating with her... read more

    Laura A. Avatar
    Laura A.

    Wonderful Company! Great customer service! Helped me find my oboe and english horn and I couldn't be happier!

    LaBarrin W. Avatar
    LaBarrin W.

    I have had pleasures of both buying and selling oboes through Hannah over these few years and she has always been so helpful, honest, and caring. I have... read more

    Kathy O. Avatar
    Kathy O.
  • I had such a great experiance with Hannah's Oboes! Hannah is so kind and only wants the best for her customers. She adds her own personality into everything which made... read more

    Izaiah C. Avatar
    Izaiah C.

    Hannah makes everything so easy. She is so nice and helpful. She is appreciated so much.

    Edith C. Avatar
    Edith C.

    Hannah runs a very professional business. She was friendly and helpful throughout the process of selling my instrument, and I would recommend her highly to anyone looking to buy or... read more

    Russell H. Avatar
    Russell H.
  • I had never heard of Hannah's Oboes, but when it came time to sell, my repair person suggested I give it a try. It has been smooth sailing since. I... read more

    Frank S. Avatar
    Frank S.

    I bought a used Howarth XL oboe from Hannah and I am incredibly happy with it! Hannah offers a diverse and extensive range of instruments, and as a result I... read more

    Gray P. Avatar
    Gray P.

    Hannah is such a joy to talk to, and has a wonderful selection of oboes - probably the biggest I have encountered! She is very caring and understanding, and she... read more

    Anish P. Avatar
    Anish P.
  • Working with Hannah was a joy from start to finish! I had some very specific needs for a cor anglais, and Hannah was able to match me up with a... read more

    David M. Avatar
    David M.

    I am so thrilled with my purchase! I purchased my old oboe from Oboe Chicago but I am more content with my purchase from Hannah. She made it super easy... read more

    Sofia V. Avatar
    Sofia V.

    My oboe fairy godmother! I needed an intermediate oboe and didn't know where to begin. You took an intimidating, frustrating search and made it a pleasure. You were thorough, generous... read more

    Lisa D. Avatar
    Lisa D.

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