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Yamaha 841 Duet+ Oboes


Yamaha 841 Duet+ Oboes

The Yamaha 841LT (Grenadilla) and 841LKT (Kingwood) are full-conservatory professional oboes with a clear sound quality and superb intonation. These Duet+ instruments have upper joints lined with a thin layer of ebonite and all their tone holes (except for metal octave vents) are lined with POM resin for an air-tight, stable contact in between the tone holes and the pads. In the rare event of cracking, the damage to the tone holes or the bore would be minimal and cosmetic.

Yamaha oboes come in a quality French case lined with maroon velvet and an insulated case cover, Yamaha accessories included. New Duet+ instruments have a Yamaha Factory warranty that covers the oboe against defects in materials or workmanship for 5 years, and cracks in the Duet+ upper joint for 10 years.

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  • Full Conservatory System
  • Semi-Automatic Octaves
  • 3rd Octave Key
  • C-D Trill Key (x 2)
  • C-C# Trill Key
  • Forked F vent
  • Extra trill mechanisms (Ab-Bb, Ab-A)
  • “Banana Key” – low C-C# trill
  • Eb-E trill mechanism
  • Articulated C# mechanism
  • Philadelphia D (double adjusting screw on low C lever)
  • Metal-lined tenon sockets and sleeved tenons
  • Low Bb vent
  • Available in Grenadilla or Kingwood