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Shane Rogers AvatarShane R.

By far the easiest and best experience you could ask or have. Couldn't praise Hannah's Oboes enough for the help through the purchase process. Hannah made this extremely easy and simple. She is outstanding and will help lead and guide you through the complete process in making you purchase with confidence. Don't look or shop anywhere else beside with Hannah's Oboes. By far the best. - 11/29/2022 

John Teller AvatarJohn T.

I am not a fan of computerized "chatlines" and other impersonal methods of so called "communicating", but the experience I have enjoyed with Hannah in buying my oboe was more in line with the good way business used to be done. Easy to get answers, very knowledgeable...and refreshingly, not a robot! I am left with the feeling of making a good purchase from an honest business! - 11/12/2022 

H Lan AvatarH L.

I contacted Hannah for an upgraded oboe. Once I told Hannah my price range, she quickly packed 5 oboes under different brands. Her trial oboes are all well adjusted, clear labeled and safely shipped in the box, along with detailed descriptions about the history and condition of the oboes. Once I decided on Loree brand, she sent me another 4 Loree oboes. I made a purchase on the Loree Royal. Hannah has a large inventory and she is organized and professional. Her response is timely and instructions are detailed. It was a great experience. I highly recommend Hannah's oboes! - 11/07/2022 

Jane Harrison AvatarJane H.

I couldn't be happier with my experience of selling my English horn through Hannah. She was very responsive and efficient, and handled everything without a hitch. She got me a very fair price and the instrument sold much more quickly than I even imagined possible! Hassle-free for me! - 9/25/2022 

John Tilmon AvatarJohn T.

Hannah was wonderful with helping my daughter select an oboe. They did a FaceTime call where Hannah walked her through what she needed to see about the oboes she was evaluating. - 9/24/2022 

Robert Perret AvatarRobert P.

It has been an amazing experience working with Hannah to select the best oboe for my daughter! Her professionalism, encouragement, and availability are unparalleled. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality, value, and a uniquely personal service experience in shopping for an oboe. Thank you Hannah! - 9/15/2022 

Jonathan Gingrich AvatarJonathan G.

It was great to work with Hannah, she sent us detailed instructions on what to do (and why were doing it) and set expectations early on what was going on. This made it very easy to follow the process for consigning our oboe. Thank you for your help Hannah! - 9/01/2022 

Alyson Anderson AvatarAlyson A.

Hannah was a pleasure to work. She is very knowledgeable and helpful, and made the whole process easy and seamless. Thank you! - 9/01/2022 

Marquise Demaree AvatarMarquise D.

I have purchased several instruments from Hannah and it has always been a wonderful experience! She is kind, thoughtful, and incredibly knowledgeable! She has a huge inventory and I've always been impressed by the value and quality of products I've received from her. - 8/22/2022 

Chuck Lawson AvatarChuck L.

Hannah is one of the most helpful people I have met in a long time. She took a personal interest in our daughter and her oboe progress. We tried 4 different instruments from Hannah and were able to choose the perfect one for our daughter. I urge anyone interested in an oboe to contact Hannah. She is wonderful to work with. - 8/18/2022 

Becky Crabtree AvatarBecky C.

Hannah was fantastic to work with! She responds promptly, is extremely knowledgeable, and the instruments she sells are top notch, both used and new. We had a very positive trial and purchase experience with Hannah, and we will definitely work with her again in the future. - 7/28/2022 

Jenny Skillman AvatarJenny S.

The entire process of working with Hannah was so easy, efficient and professional. Our son's teacher recommended Hannah as she had purchased her own oboe from her and also coordinated purchases for other students. The ability to try a variety of oboes and really get a feel for the instruments before making such an important choice was invaluable. Excellent experience and we are delighted with the oboe our son selected. Highly recommend! - 7/27/2022 

Sue R. AvatarSue R.

Very professional. We received 4 different oboes via FedEx that met our requirements, along with detailed instructions about how to properly conduct a one week trial of all the instruments. After one week, the choice was made and we FedEx'd the rest of the oboes back to Hannah. She provided lots of information about how to properly care for the instrument going forward. The process was very easy and convenient - 7/24/2022 

Sean Collier AvatarSean C.

Hannah was great to work with in every step of the oboe buying experience. - 7/13/2022 

Valerie Storme AvatarValerie S.

Hannah recently sold my Loree oboe.I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the process went, from sending it to be fully restored,to the timely sale.Hannah was extremely informative. I would highly recommend Hannah's Oboes. - 7/08/2022 

Pat Kushlis AvatarPat K.

Its a pleasure to work with Hannah. She is thoroughly professional, aims to please and does. I recommend her highly. - 7/04/2022 

Emily Kupitz AvatarEmily K.

I recently traveled to the Phoenix area to test and purchase an English horn from Hannah. I was able to reserve 6 wonderful instruments, from four different makers, and spend hours testing and comparing them with a wide range of bocals with the expert assistance of Tiffany and Hannah's blind listening test from another room. I was then able to take two instruments with me to try overnight and had a very efficient checkout process the next day. Hannah is gracious, helpful, and incredibly professional. I will be returning when I'm ready to replace my oboe. - 7/02/2022 

Donald Hurwitz AvatarDonald H.

Dealing with Hannah Selznick to secure a new oboe was both educational and a pleasure. Hannah maintains an extensive inventory of used oboes, and she has the background knowledge and skills to be of great service in matching her instruments with your requirements. She does so with business practices that make the dealings comfortable and easy. A++ - 6/07/2022 

Cally Banham Cor Values AvatarCally B.

I am thrilled with my new Yamaha oboe purchased from Hannah. When I first called, I described to her assistant Tiffany the qualities I search for in an oboe and they sent me four choices which clearly showed they knew what I meant. The shipping for the trials and the transaction were both smooth as could be. Thank you! A+! - 6/07/2022 

Javier Perez AvatarJavier P.

Hannanh knows what she is doing: she is a professional oboist and overall she cares about your needs. I recommend Hannah to those who are looking to buy or sale an oboe of any level, she is fast, kind, dependable! - 5/19/2022 

Thank you so so much for the amazing oboes!

Ms. Hannah, Thank you so so much for the amazing oboes! It was a pleasure to play such beautiful instruments. The one I ended up with is everything I could’ve asked for…and more! I never would’ve found it if you hadn’t sent me those extra oboes. Thank you so much for your generosity and trust in me. I’m forever thankful for your help in finding an instrument I’ll cherish forever.

Lily, NM June 2020

Perhaps among the best of oboes anyone could buy!

I chose the Howarth LXV because it played as effortlessly as one could imagine!!! With the most beautiful intonation…it even made bad reeds sound great! Perhaps among the best of oboes anyone could buy! This oboe could easily set the new standard… Highly recommended.

Andrew, WA. June 2020


Thanks for making this such an enjoyable process!

Amy, OR. June 2020

Dear Hannah,

Thank you for helping us with the purchase of an oboe. Such a beautiful instrument. Erin is very happy and with all that has gone on, it is good. Thank you again.

Karla, TX. May 2020

Thank you so much for letting me try all these oboes

Dear Hannah, Thank you so much for letting me try all these oboes. I have chosen the Howarth S40c oboe. This has been a wonderful experience and I am glad to give this oboe a new forever home.

Erin, TX. May 2020

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

Hannah! I just wanted to say THANK YOU! It meant so much to me how much you genuinely cared about helping me find an oboe. You have shown so much compassion through this whole process. I am extremely happy with my choice and I cannot wait to see where I will go with it!
Acelynn, GA. May 2020

I cannot thank you enough for all your help

Dear Hannah, I cannot thank you enough for all your help during the process of purchasing an oboe for Annelyse. Your personal touch gave me such peace of mind knowing I was buying a quality instrument from an industry leader.

Kristen, NY. September 2019

I will definitely purchase from her again and heartily recommend her to any serious oboist.

I recently had the absolute pleasure of doing business with Hannah, the owner of Hannah’s Oboes/The Oboe Fairy. She immediately understood my urgency of buying a quality pre-owned instrument at an affordable price. The first instrument she selected for me to consider was spot on—the one I ended up purchasing. She also sent the instrument across the country to Florida to allow me to inspect it on a one-week trial basis. Once I decided that I would indeed buy the instrument, Hannah concluded the purchase quickly and in a professional manner. In addition, she sent music, method books, cleaning, and reed-making kit. She is gracious and kind online and on the phone—very personable and pleasant. I will definitely purchase from her again and heartily recommend her to any serious oboist.

Tyler. Florida, July 2019

You are inspirational and make a huge impact on future musicians!

Hannah, it really has been a pleasure working with you throughout this process. My daughter loves her new instruments and is happier with the sound that comes out of them. You have made the entire process absolutely painless and we have appreciated all your guidance through the process. Thanks again for all you do! You are inspirational and make a huge impact on future musicians! Have a great week!

Ken. New York, June 2019

I’m astonished…

Hannah, I’m astonished at how quickly you were able to sell my Loree oboe and am so glad that I gave it to you to find a new home.

Cathy. Delaware, June 2019

Thank you for making this an amazing experience

Good morning, I hope all is well. Thank you for making this an amazing experience and keeping me informed throughout this process. Your display of professionalism and stellar customer service was greatly appreciated. Be blessed!!

Latasha. Tennessee, June 2019

Hannah ‘The Oboe Fairy,’

Hannah ‘The Oboe Fairy,’ Thank you so very much for helping me reconnect with my love for orchestral music and playing the oboe. It felt like coming home. So appreciate your kind and informative support! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


Dear Hannah, WOW!!!

Dear Hannah, WOW!!!  Thanks so much for the great service!!!! It is deeply appreciated.  I wish everything in life went as smoothly as this. You are AWESOME!!  I will let Nancy Ambrose King and others in our oboe community know about the great service! All the best wishes,


Hannah made Esther’s purchase very, very easy

Hannah made Esther’s purchase very, very easy! The process looked like this…

1. Quick email contact
2. A 10-15 minute phone call to discuss Esther’s experience, level, teacher, tools she already has available and our budget.
3. Hannah sent us an inventory list of available oboes.
4. Esther worked with the instructor to identify 4 instruments she should try out.
5. Hannah sent us 1 used Fox, 1 New Yamaha, and 2 new Howarth Oboes
6. 1-week test then Esther worked with Devin to identify her favorite
7. We shipped back 3 oboes and payment for oboe and shipping.
8. Hannah sent us a bill of sale as soon as payment was received.
Karen-Lyn. Alabama, June 2019

My family recently embarked on the journey of purchasing an oboe

My family recently embarked on the journey of purchasing an oboe. We were unsure of our wishes and had to ask for multiple lists as we continually refined our desired features. Through it all, Hannah was gracious and applied no sales pressure. She understood the importance of the decision. When we were finally ready to order a trial, one of the oboes was no longer available. She listened to our feature list, assessed our situation, and gave an informed recommendation. The trials were sent promptly.  Upon opening the box, it was even more obvious the amount of passion and professionalism that Hannah brings to the business. Everything was clearly labeled and there were numerous support documents. My daughter tried each instrument with her oboe instructor and finally made a decision. It just happened to be the one Hannah recommended! My family highly appreciates all of Hannah’s assistance and The Oboe Fairy will be the first stop for any future purchases. John.

John. Texas, May 2019

I want you to know how impressed we were with the entire experience

I want you to know how impressed we were with the entire experience.  From the packaging, directions/information and the details of every piece having your logo (which Kayla loves!).  She was so excited about the sticker, reed box, and water cup all having your logo.  We are definitely a fan and will refer you whenever the chance comes.  I personally hope we do not need your services again ourselves because this oboe should last Kayla for many, many years…but we will sing your praises whenever possible. Thank you!!

Jennifer. Texas, April 2019

Dear Hannah, after a lot of online research

Dear Hannah, after a lot of online research, we found the website for Hannah’s oboes. I am so glad we did!  Hannah is not only knowledgeable about her oboes she is also a guide who tries to fit the oboe to the player.  Through emails and phone calls, she helped us find the correct grouping of four oboes for my daughter to try.  My daughter is a fifth-year oboe player who has only played oboe for her school band on a school owned oboe.  Hannah recommended that we find an oboist to help us evaluate the oboes.  We live in a small town on the other side of the U.S. but Hannah knew an oboist close to where we live.  Not only was trying out the grouping of four oboes with an oboist fun and informational, but it was also so very important in helping us choose the correct oboe.  I cannot thank Hannah enough for all of her help.  It is such a huge investment both financially and musically.  Hannah also sends a folder with lots of information and a goodie bag – an oboe swag bag.  My daughter thought it was so fun getting all these little surprises.  Hannah truly is an Oboe Fairy.  Sincerely, Amy

Amy. Virginia, April 2019

Selling your instrument is an emotional and hard process

Selling your instrument is an emotional and hard process, especially when you play a horn as specialized as the oboe. When I decided to sell my oboe, it was no question to turn to Hannah for help. I was lucky enough to buy my horn from Hannah in 2011. Finding professional-used oboes in good condition from a specialized seller is nearly impossible- through Hannah, however, the process was easy. I had the opportunity to play multiple oboes before deciding on my own (which I would play for 7 years). When my time with the instrument came to a close, trying to sell on my own was an excruciating process. Very few people in my area were interested in purchasing a professional level instrument, not to mention that my local instrument repair shop doesn’t know how to clean and repair anything beyond a student level flute or clarinet without messing it up even further. Hannah removed every complication from the process- including bending the rules to allow me to pay for the servicing at a later date (which was MUCH appreciated). Through her, my instrument was taken from worn and torn to like-new and sold in LESS THAN A MONTH AND A HALF. This process on my own could’ve taken up to a year (if I was lucky). I couldn’t be more grateful to Hannah for making this process incredibly easy on both my wallet and my heart.

Roxanna. North Carolina, April 2019

Dear Hannah, Thank you so much for helping me find my dream oboe!

Dear Hannah, Thank you so much for helping me find my dream oboe! I cannot explain how excited I am to have this new oboe. I am so glad I went through your wonderful service ? I have purchased the Loree oboe. Thank you so much.

Caitty. West Virginia, 2019

You are such a blessing!

Hannah, You are such a blessing! Thanks again for all of your help. Finding the right oboe for Kiersten has made such a difference already!

Jennifer. Missouri, April 2019

Thank you so much!

Hannah, Thank you so much! It has been a pleasure to work with you.

Christine. Kansas, March 2019.

Thank you so very much for helping me reconnect with my love for orchestral music and playing the oboe

Hannah ‘The Oboe Fairy,’ Thank you so very much for helping me reconnect with my love for orchestral music and playing the oboe. It felt like coming home. So appreciate your kind and informative support! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Jessica. Washington. December 2018

Thank you so much for the service you have provided

Thank you so much for the service you have provided, getting this horn in shape and back out into the world! I am so happy that it will be played again—and that it sold for such a good price, which will now help me buy student instruments for my two children. Very, very grateful. If I can be of help in future with a referral, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Avery.” Kansas/Thailand. December 2018.

Avery. Kansas/Thailand, December 2018.

A Very HAPPY New Howarth Oboe Owner

A Very HAPPY New Howarth Oboe Owner – and a Fabulous Halloween Costume! Thanks!

Claire. November 2018.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help and assistance

Hi Hannah, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help and assistance with finding the right oboe for my daughter Sydney. After about 4-5 months of trying to do my known research and speaking with several people, I was referred to you by a music teacher in my daughter’s school district. For someone like myself who does not know anything about the oboe at all, you made this entire venture very easy and comfortable. You helped along with my school district to narrow the choices out of so many oboes which was wonderful. It was amazing that you sent the three choices for Sydney to try for a week before making a decision and without any obligation to have to make a purchase was stress free. Sydney loved practicing and trying out all three of them with the help from her band teachers to make the perfect choice for her. Your knowledge of this instrument and your willingness to help others like myself who needed guidance was fabulous. I will absolutely be recommending you to anyone who needs help with anything regarding the oboe. My daughter and I will probably be contacting you in the future if we should have any other questions or help. There really isn’t any need to go anywhere else.  You are a gem to those of us who have children to love playing their instruments and want to take it as far as they can.  Sincerely, Silvana

Silvana. New York, October 2018.

Thank you for the goodie packs

Hannah, Thank you for the goodie packs, they will be put to good use. They were much needed, as well. I really appreciate all your help with trying these oboes. It has been a wonderful experience.

Tiffany. Oregon, November 2018.

Thank you so much for taking care

Hannah, thank you so much for taking care of Daniel through this English Horn selection process. When ‘mom’ can’t be there, it’s such a comfort to have a wise adult guiding him. He had such nice things to say about you. Thank you, Myla

Myla. Florida, October 2018.

You are awesome! My daughter is so happy

Dear Hannah, You are awesome! My daughter is so happy to play her new oboe. I can’t thank you enough. Donna.”…. “Thank you so much for allowing me to further my oboe playing. I love the Howarth that you introduced to me and so glad you did.

Gianna. Florida, October 2018